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Medicine Research ›› 2018, Vol. 2 ›› Issue (4): 180015-.DOI: 10.21127/yaoyimr20180015

Special Issue: Marine Drugs

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Excellent Microbial Cultivation for Astaxanthin Production and Its Extraction by Rhodotorula benthica

Lingling Wanga, Jiayu Xiea, Wenhui Wua, b, c, Bolin Lia, Jie Oua, b, c, *   

  1. a College of Food Science and Technology, Shanghai Ocean University, Shanghai 201306, China;
    b Shanghai Engineering Research Center of Aquatic-Product Processing & Preservation, Shanghai 201306, China;
    c National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center for Food Science and Engineering (Shanghai Ocean University), Shanghai 201306, China
  • Received:2018-10-10 Revised:2018-10-13 Online:2018-12-20 Published:2019-03-04
  • Contact: Email: jou@shou.edu.cn (J. O.)

Abstract: As the main species in the marine environment, Rhodotorula benthica contains abundant nutritions including proteins, vitamins and astaxanthin, which can improve the body's immune function and prevent disease and cure diseases. It would possess a wide range of applications and broad market prospects due to the particularity of its nutrition and metabolites and be commonly used in medicine, food, chemical, agricultural and environmental protection industries. Microbial cultivation of Rhodotorula benthica, an excellent strain to produce astaxanthin, was investigated to produce astaxanthin. The diversity, main characteristics, strains, the optimization of culture conditions, progress in fermentation and application to industry of Rhodotorula benthica were summarized.

Key words: Rhodotorula benthica, carotenoid, astaxanthin, fermentation, culture optimization

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