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R2R3-MYB Transcription Factor SmMYB79 Positively Regulates Biosynthesis of Salvianolic Acid in Salvia miltiorrhiza
Xiaobing Feng, Cuicui Han, Wenjuan Sang, Xiaowen Xing, Zhanpeng Jin, Wenhui Wu, Ying He
doi: 10.21127/yaoyimr20240003
Abstract   PDF (4740KB)
Preventive Effect of Carbon Dots from Haematococcus pluvialis on Dextran Sulfate Sodium-Induced Acute Ulcerative Colitis
Mengqing Wang, Jiwen Huang, Xinjian Jiang, Yuting Liu, Yunbo Ge, Chaoyan Zhang
doi: 10.21127/yaoyimr20240005
Abstract   PDF (1411KB)
Melatonin Potentially Acts as a Widely-Acting Protective Tool in COVID-19
Er-Qiang Zhao, Wen-Xiu Lu, En-Da Sun, Zong-Min Mou and Da-Ke Zhao
doi: 10.21127/yaoyimr20240006
Abstract   PDF (921KB)
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      20 March 2024, Volume 8 Issue 1 Previous Issue   
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    Contents: Med. Res. 1/2024
    Medicine Research. 2024, 8 (1): 0.  
    Abstract   PDF (692KB) ( )
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    A Perspective of 6,12-Guaianolides and Their Analogues: Synthesis, Bioactivity and Structure-Activity Relationships
    Ruihua Guo, Guo Y. Yin, Ruilong Sheng
    Medicine Research. 2024, 8 (1): 230010.   DOI: 10.21127/yaoyimr20230010
    Abstract   PDF (1737KB) ( )
    Recently, the study on 6,12-guaianolides, a family of natural guaiane-type sesquiterpenoids, has attracted increased attention in the field of chemical synthesis, pharmaceutics, and medicinal chemistry. Many 6,12-guaianolide compounds and their analogues showed remarkable molecular diversity, structural modifiability, and versatile biological and pharmacological properties, such as anticancer, antivirus, anti-inflammatory, endogenous NO production inhibition, and so on. In this paper, we summarized recent advances on the synthesis methods of 6,12-guaianolides and their analogues, briefly described their bioactivities, and elucidated the quantitative structure-activity relationship of some 6,12-guaianolides and their analogues. Furthermore, the perspectives of 6,12-guaianolides and their analogues were discussed.
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    Progress in Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Ellagic Acid
    Meiyan Duan, Zemin Xiang, Huanhuan Xu
    Medicine Research. 2024, 8 (1): 240002.   DOI: 10.21127/yaoyimr20240002
    Abstract   PDF (1032KB) ( )
    Inflammation is an adaptive physiological state caused by tissue injury, stress or infection that restores tissue homeostasis. Recent studies have shown that inflammation is a major factor in the progression of various diseases, including arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, asthma and cancer. Currently, the treatment of inflammatory diseases mainly consists of steroids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. However, long term use can lead to serious adverse reactions. In recent years, ellagic acid has received much attention due to its safety and anti-inflammatory activities. In this paper, we review research progress in anti-inflammatory effects of ellagic acid hoping to further understand its effectiveness and provide the guidance for development and application of clinical anti-inflammatory drugs.
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    The Effect and Underlying Mechanism of Sleep Deprivation on Several Gastrointestinal Physiology and Diseases
    Yi-Fan Li, Lu-Yu Niu, Jie-Fu Fan, Zhi-Chao Yao, Ling-Yun Shen, Yang-Kai Wang, Ying He
    Medicine Research. 2024, 8 (1): 230006.   DOI: 10.21127/yaoyimr20230006
    Abstract   PDF (1368KB) ( )
    The incidence of sleep deprivation has increased significantly in contemporary society. Gastrointestinal diseases, one of the diseases with high incidence caused by sleep deprivation, are increasingly becoming a serious public health threat worldwide. However, confusion about underlying mechanism by which sleep deprivation exacerbates gastrointestinal dysfunction has always hindered people from carrying out effective clinical treatment. In this paper, we review the effects of sleep deprivation on four gastrointestinal physiology and further reveal the mechanism by which sleep deprivation exacerbates several gastrointestinal diseases, providing a new perspective for people to better understand and treat related diseases.
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    2,4-Dinitrophenylhydrazine Pre-column Derivatization: High Performance Liquid Chromatography Determination of Residual Formaldehyde in Pharmaceutical Industry and Key Parameters Analysis
    Guoyin Yin, Ruilong Sheng
    Medicine Research. 2024, 8 (1): 240001.   DOI: 10.21127/yaoyimr20240001
    Abstract   PDF (1161KB) ( )
    Formaldehyde is a colorless gas with a pungent odor, and it is commonly used in many industries to produce resins, plastics, textiles, household products, as well as pharmaceutics. Accurate formaldehyde analysis is significant for environmental and industrial control. In this paper, formaldehyde is analyzed as its 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine derivative through a high performance liquid chromatography method. The method has been validated for specificity, limit of detection, limit of quantification, linearity and range, precision, accuracy, and solution stability, which showed simplicity, speed, and accuracy, making it well-suited for the determination of traceable levels of formaldehyde in the pharmaceutical industry.
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    Effects of Different Packaging Methods on Freshness of Larimichthys polyactis during Cold Storage
    Zibin Ma, Ruihua Guo, Bin Bao, Wenhui Wu
    Medicine Research. 2024, 8 (1): 240004.   DOI: 10.21127/yaoyimr20240004
    Abstract   PDF (1309KB) ( )
    Taking Larimichthys polyactis, a rare seafood from Zhejiang Province, as the research object, sensory evaluation, pH, microbial analysis, texture, water retention, K value, total volatile basic nitrogen (TVB-N value), TCA-soluble peptide, thiobarbiturate acid value, the effects of ordinary packaging, vacuum packaging and air-conditioned packaging on the quality of Larimichthys polyactis during the refrigeration process were studied. The results showed that the sensory comprehensive score, texture and water retention of Larimichthys polyactis were gradually decreased with the extension of refrigeration time. The TVB-N value and TBA value of Larimichthys polyactis under the three different packaging treatments increased with the extension of time, and the change of K value was consistent with the TVB-N value. The TVB-N value, TBA value and K value of Larimichthys polyactis in air-conditioned packaging group increased slowly. The content of TCA-soluble peptide indicated that both vacuum and air-conditioned packages had a good effect on inhibiting protein degradation. According to the evaluation indexes, the air conditioning package is beneficial to keep the freshness of Larimichthys polyactis under the cold storage condition.
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